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Being Faithful With Little...

This morning God spoke to my heart and said “Being faithful with little means —seeing the worth in what you have, even when it’s not what you want.”


I’ve been thinking about and chewing on these words all day. Luke 16:10 is where this concept comes from. And there it is talking about possessions and money - it says “whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much.”  I’ve always heard this verse talked about in regards to money - stewarding it well and being honest with it. But this morning when God whispered these words to me, I saw it in a whole new light. “Being faithful with little means seeing the worth in what you have, even when it’s not what you want.” While yes this is a truth about our hearts and money..set money aside for a minute and look through a different lens with me.


What circumstances in your life are far from what you ever thought they would be? Is there something that just isn’t unfolding the way you hoped or thought it would? We make our plans but the Lord orders our steps. And I think a lot of times, when things don’t go our way, we can be quick to try and take matters into our own hands or even grow upset and bitter at God. But it’s so important to know that God sees the bigger picture and though things may not go the way we planned or wanted, God is in control and is working everything together for our good.


Maybe you find yourself working a job that you are not invested in and are super ready to move on from but God isn’t opening any other doors. Remain faithful. Know that God sees you. In his timing He will open doors, but stay faithful, don’t check out.


Maybe it’s a situation where you find yourself waiting and waiting for this one thing you’ve been praying for forever..maybe you want to be a mom but every test continues to be negative. Maybe you’re praying for the person you’ll spend your life with but time continues to move on and you continually find yourself alone. Be faithful in the assignment and calling He has placed over you in this season. Nurture and love those around you in your life the way you wish to nurture and love a family of your own some day. God sees that & will honor that. Be faithful in the relationships around you, don’t pull away from them because you’re upset that others have what you want and you don’t. God sees you.


Maybe it’s a promotion you’ve been working really hard for and want to give up on because no one seems to be noticing your dedication and passion. God sees you. Don’t quit. In His timing He will launch you forward. Stay dedicated!


There are endless examples, and as you’re reading I’m sure something personal has come to your mind. I just want to encourage you to stay faithful. Know the worth of what you have and where you are. It might not be what you want, but it is significant. God is moving and working in so many ways that you cannot see. He sees the bigger picture. Stay faithful & stay with God. Don’t stomp off in bitterness because He hasn’t given you what you want yet. Instead, ask Him for a glimpse of what He’s doing. The place you are has purpose and God doesn’t cut corners. He does everything well. So just rest. Know He has GOOD for you. He knows your desires. He is up to something within you and through you. Don’t miss it by sitting and living in a state of unhappiness or bitterness because you don’t have what you want or you’re not where you want to be in life. Live with intention, be all there, be faithful in the place He has you. You’re not just fumbling through life..God is intentional with you. Be faithful in following Him, even when you don’t understand.


If you’re faithful here, in the place of “this isn’t what I wanted” - you won’t take for granted the place of “all I ever dreamed.” And if you’re faithful here, in this place of questions and frustration, you will be faithful in the place of more than you could ask or dream.





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