Danielle's Ambition

My ambition for 2019 is to become more intentional about my goals and fully using the gifts God has blessed me with once again. In the beginning of 2018 my heart and mind was wearing after the recent passing of my mother in November 2017. I may be 31-years-old but the reality that both my parents are no longer alive sent my mind spiraling downhill. This grieving process has been so difficult at times as though no one understands other than those that have gone through the same journey and the Lord.
The Lord has comforted me during this entire year when I had doubts of how to handle everything emotionally and while also taking care of the necessary things after my mother's passing being an only child. While it still feels like a bad dream, again I'm comforted by the Lord's promises. My parents knew that I was always a dreamer - who loved to write. I'm a storyteller at heart and my desire is to establish something that helps other innovators and influencers tell their stories. I set out to do this in 2017 but stopped to take care of my mom and process her death. 
I will remember my parents as both a man and woman who were truly godly! A few months while being frustrated with my job, my mom reminded me that I'm worth so much more-that I didn't have to settle. She said, "Danielle you can do anything. You love to write." Those words mean a lot to me because she knew that I was capable of my entrepreneurial goals that I'm on a journey of now.
While she is gone, her handwritten notes of what the Lord was teaching her, that are scattered in her bible remind me that the Lord is always near and his unchanging hand is still holding on to me.


  • Jasmine, thanks so much for your kind words and encouragement as I continue to strive towards my purpose. It’s certainly appreciated! The Lord is amazing and for all of us HIS grace is sufficient. I’m continually in prayer in every season! Prayerfully your year will be filled with his wondrous works too!

  • Danielle! I love what you’re Mom told you. Such an amazing truth that is so true for everyone, I’m so glad you’re not staying in a place that frustrates you, but you’re going for it! You’re taking the step and going on the journey to do what you’re meant to do, what you LOVE to do! So excited to see all God has for you continue to unfold! Praying 2019 is the year you are intentional and you see progress and growth through that!


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