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God’s (k)not finished - By Maddie Joy

Girl, God’s not finished.

I don’t know about you, but I struggle way too often with fixing my eyes on my circumstances rather than fixing my eyes on Jesus, and then wondering why I feel so discouraged.

When Jasmine asked me to pick a piece of jewelry and write about what it means to me, this adorable, dainty knot ring caught my eye. Then, I read the description -

A delicate double band ring with one band in a knot and the other a simple circle representing God's faithfulness to bring everything to completion.

This ring is the perfect reminder that whatever season you find yourself in, God's (k)not finished working. He's working in and through you, even if you cannot see it. He will complete what He started and will bring everything full circle in His timing. Keep walking the journey He is leading you on, because one day you'll see what He was doing.”

Cute rings with great meanings… I’m all about it.

Seriously though, what a promise. He’s not finished. When I see right now, He sees big picture. When I see the mountain in front of me, He sees the victory on the other side when He throws it into the sea or ushers me right on over it. A couple of months back, God brought me to a place of complete surrender, it’s a beautiful and terrifying place simultaneously. It takes laying our expectations and best things at the feet of Jesus so that He can exceed them and bless us with far greater than anything we could have dreamt up on our own. The promise He whispered to my heart as I sat in a dark parking lot with puffy, tear-filled eyes, and an exhausted heart one night was simply this, “Maddie, I am the author of a full circle story.” Since then, that simple, yet powerful statement has surfaced over and over again - just like in the meaning of this ring. I’m hanging on that promise. It is not always pretty, put together, perfect… as a matter of fact, it’s really difficult sometimes. In the struggle, though, I am often reminded that He is the God of every season, not just the ones that go how we expect them to, and His love will sustain us through the ones that don’t. He will bring everything in His will for our lives into completion. Every single detail. He doesn’t begin a work in one person’s life that He doesn’t intend to finish. He orchestrates the most beautiful stories, in His perfect timing. He is not done working. The story is not over yet… in fact, it has only just begun.

And without one shadow of a doubt, in the midst of all that I don’t know, what I do know is this… One day, we will look back and be so thankful that we allowed Him to do things His way, even when we didn’t understand in the moment.

Whatever you are trusting God for in this season, I encourage you to keep trusting. He will not disappoint you or let you down, it’s simply not in His character.

-Maddie Joy


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