Kerry's Story - Onward & Upward

Hello. Let me first introduce myself. I am baby Marens grandma. Nicholas is my only son and has been one of my greatest accomplishments. I prayed He wound always have the happiness he had brought to all our lives. When he brought Ally in to our life, she was more than I had ever dreamed of for a daughter in law. So you can imagine our joy when they told us they were expecting our first grandchild. The day she was born was one of the most exciting and emotional days of my life. When that little hand touched mine, she touched my soul. It was a love so deep I will never be able to put it in to words. The next 48 hours were filled with fear, worry, heartache and sadness. I didn’t know how to help my son cope with all the overwhelming news he was hearing. As he broke down in the hallway of the hospital, He asked me why them, why Maren. They had done everything right. And they are such good people. In that moment, the answer came. And I reminded Nick of when his beloved dog , Bella, tragically passed away at our ranch. He was devastated. We searched online everywhere looking for another bloodhound and came across a place in Colorado. My mom and him made the decision the next day to head down and get a puppy. When they got there, there were a lot of puppies to chose from. But Nick saw one puppy that wasn’t “perfect”. This little one was born with an eye condition that would require an expensive eye surgery when she got older. Nick knew nobody would want this puppy. So he chose her becuz he knew he and Ally could take care of her and love her. And give her the life she deserved. Years have passed since then. Abbey has long since had her surgery and is fine. So when he asked me why them. This is why. Becuz when god knew a child was going to be born that was sick and would require a little extra TLC, he chose the best. He chose a mommy and daddy with the ability to provide the best care for her to ensure she is able to live a long happy and healthy life. And with a support system as strong as steel behind them to ensure they succeed.... I don’t know how or why in that moment I could find it in me to give nick that answer, but when I was done, I knew it made sense. And I knew it was a greater power than me that was able to help me give Nick that comfort. Because inside my heart was shattering in to a million pieces. Since that day, we have relied on our faith to get us through. And that same faith to protect Maren on her journey. So when I came across your post on Facebook and the bracelet you made signifying our little Maren’s journey, I was touched and knew once again, it was someone more powerful than us that put you in our path. The most amazing part of all of this is that we are not people who attend church on Sundays. We ensured that our kids were raised knowing The Bible. We ensured they attended religion class. But we were not faithful in our own practices. So to know that God still reaches out and has an amazing way of getting your attention and reminding you that he is still there for you in your times of need is amazing. Thank you! I hope hearing someone’s story and how their own faith got them through some difficult moments and how that also led them to you, reiterates to you that you are doing what God really intended for you to do. Onward and Upward my little Maren. God is taking care of you on this journey.

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