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The Power of a Multitude

Sunflowers have been catching my eye everywhere I go lately. As I've been noticing them, I've been thinking...and I want to be like a sunflower. My head held high, always looking towards the sun. Never once thinking about competing with the others in the field with me but confidently owning who I am and knowing the beauty and the power of a multitude of us standing together. The enemy will try over and over again to get us to turn our face from the Son of God, he will throw us self defeating thoughts and jealousy of those around us. We need to be so aware of that because God intended that our face look toward Him, that we would be defined by who He says we are and as the body of Christ, we would stand together through every bit of life and fight as an army against the enemy. That when one falls, we would surround them and help them get back up! That when one succeeds, we would celebrate and lift each other up! Let's be a field of sunflowers together! 🌻

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