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|Wait| - By Rachel Day

|Wait| - to stay in a place of expectation of… to look forward expectantly
⚓Anchor: a person or thing that provides stability or confidence in an otherwise uncertain situation.

Often times we find ourselves waiting for something and we feel life doesn't fully begin until that thing happens; or we think we can't be happy until that thing comes to fruition. 
I used to feel like that until a few years ago when I had a revelation that I could either waste the wait by being impatient, feeling sorry for myself, and being focused on the next thing or I could embrace my place and get everything possible out of my season of waiting. I had to choose how I was going to wait. It was a choice; a choice that had a greater impact than I could fully comprehend at the time.

When I step back and realize how much I have learned through the process, I can see that the waiting isn't in vain. It has purpose. I have learned to wait patiently and expectantly; to wait with the right attitude. To rejoice with others when their waiting meets the promise. To give myself grace. To wait with the understanding that the wait is vital and impacts what I am waiting for. To wait in confidence knowing I am being prepared and equipped for what is yet to come. I have learned there is joy in the process when you choose to wait with purpose. 
Waiting for something you strongly desire takes courage; it takes patience and perseverance. Waiting isn't stagnant; and certainly isn't easy. It can seem long and at times you wonder - is it worth it? With confidence I can say yes, because God is constant and ever faithful. He is a keeper of His promises. He is my anchor.

Whatever you're waiting for (baby, spouse, house, new job/promotion, healing and so on) God has not forgotten. He is fully aware of where you are. Don't lose hope. Take courage. He's in the waiting.
-Rachel Day

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