What's The One Thing?

I found an old blog post I wrote about 5 years ago and thought I'd share it again. I thought this might be a timely reminder for some as 3/4 of the Country is in the middle of a winter vortex with lots of wind and snow. Read on and be encouraged. 

- - - 

This morning, I decided to ask The Lord a question. A lot of times I have a million things going on inside my head and because of that I get distracted and go through my day feeling like a blob. I’m sure you all know the feeling. So today my question to The Lord was: What is the one thing you want me to focus on today? Thinking that He would highlight one of the many ideas, tasks, concerns, etc. to focus on and accomplish. Instead I was pleasantly surprised by His answer – “my love for you.”  As I sat for a minute beginning to think about His love, I felt Him speak again so I pulled out my phone and wrote down the words He said to me.

“In the midst of everything going on in your life, you’re loosing sight of how much I love you. This is where stress and loneliness can creep in. You’re constantly trying to figure out what’s going on and why things are happening the way they are, and that takes your focus off of me. Rest in me. Know that I’m at work in your life. I’m conducting everything to happen the way I want it to. Don’t try to figure it out. I will give you revelation and glimpses into my plan if I desire for you to know how I’m working and why I’m doing it that way. Worry distracts you from enjoying the journey that you are on with me. Yes, I know you get overwhelmed and stressed, it’s apart of being human, but there is beauty in trusting me and resting in me, knowing that I’ve got a hold of you! I want you to know how high, how wide, how deep, and how strong my love is for you! I want you to know how beautiful you are to me. Look for my visible and tangible signs of my love all around you! Take joy, take heart for I am always beside you! Today I want you to focus on my love for you. You’re a precious treasure that I will never let go of!”


After I wrote everything down, I looked outside and saw that it was snowing. Huge snowflakes were falling from the sky ever so slowly. They were more so floating down rather than falling. As I was watching I began to single in on one snowflake and try to watch it float all the way to the ground. I thought it would be easy because they were moving so slow, but I quickly found that it wasn’t very easy at all. The flake would float down then to the side and then zoom up and begin its downward fall again, while being surrounded by a million other giant white flakes. My eye quickly lost track of the one I was trying to follow. I tried this a few times before I felt The Lord speak again.

“I never loose sight of you. I see every move you make. Just like the snowflakes are getting whirled around by the wind, every struggle and setback you encounter, I see. Though you may feel like that tiny snowflake that keeps getting lost in the mix of the others, you are never out of my sight. You may feel like I’ve forgotten about you and the journey you’re on, but I haven’t! I’m still here. I’m working in your heart as well as in your situations.”


When things get rough and we feel lost, it’s easy to think we did or are doing something wrong. But we have to know that God has us right where He wants us. And sometimes he might let us float and be whirled around by the winds of life so that we remember that He is our anchor. He is holding us and will make sure that we land right where we’re supposed to be, safe and secure IN HIM.

Today if you feel like you’re being whirled around by the wind, take heart. God has not forgotten about your journey. Look up and see Him smiling down on you! Remember He’s holding you and soon the wind will die down and He will make sure you land exactly where you should! Until then, don’t stop seeking him, don’t shut down! He needs you where He has you right now. Look for what He’s teaching you, look for ways to encourage or serve others. He’s using you right where you are, and it’s part of the journey to get you to the next  part of your journey!

Be encouraged, He has not forgotten you!

Look for his amazing love all around, and don’t stress or worry about the things filling your mind, give them to God and rest knowing He’s walking with you!

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