Tailored Faith Journal

Jenna's Ambition

- For 2019, my greatest Ambition is to become the healthiest me I can possibly be! My ambition is to focus on my physical, mental, and emotional ...

Gabrielle's Ambition

"He wanted me to understand that sometimes we go through difficult seasons in order to fully surrender to God to see that our weakness is where we find His grace and His truth. We cannot rely on our own understanding, or our own strength. We need Jesus."

Danielle's Ambition

"A few months while being frustrated with my job, my mom reminded me that I'm worth so much more-that I didn't have to settle. She said, "Danielle you can do anything. You love to write." Those words mean a lot to me because she knew that I was capable of my entrepreneurial goals that I'm on a journey of now."

Justice's Ambition

"God has done so much for me this past year - His faithfulness has changed the course of my life forever."

Praetoria's Ambition

"when we admit we are weak, He shows us He is strong. I will pause and take stock, not getting so caught up in accomplishments that I forget to breathe, that I forget what really matters."

Giuliana's Ambition

"Seeing God in every step I take, and being grateful for the things He blesses me with, and trusting Him as I go through the hardest days of my life. I am this small tiny plant that is eager to grow through God, who has a plan for me and I never want to take this for granted."

God’s (k)not finished - By Maddie Joy

"The promise He whispered to my heart as I sat in a dark parking lot with puffy, tear-filled eyes, and an exhausted heart one night was simply this, “Maddie, I am the author of a full circle story.” Since then, that simple, yet powerful statement has surfaced over and over again - just like in the meaning of this ring."

The Gift of Waiting

"You have not been forgotten, no, but rather, you’ve been strategically placed for a time, in a place where you will have access to significant nourishment, wisdom, and relationship with your Heavenly Father. When you think of your season of waiting as a safe place rather than a confined punishment or a dark tunnel that has no end in sight, you might just begin to enjoy it."

|Wait| - By Rachel Day

"I've learned there is joy in the process when you choose to wait with purpose..."

Kerry's Story - Onward & Upward

"...to know that God still reaches out and has an amazing way of getting your attention and reminding you that he is still there for you in your times of need is amazing. "